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Studied cell biology and genetics at UBC in Canada with a focus in microbiology. However, have gravitated more recently towards ecology and biodiversity. Have traveled the rainforests of Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand with plans to visit many more.

Beyond macro photography

Obviously the focus up to this point has been on macro. However, landscape photography is an essential ingredient for setting the scene and creating context for many macro photos. If you do decide to publish, many editors like to see a … Continue reading

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The weaver ant complex

The goal of this article is perhaps a little ambitious, but I’d like it to be one of the most comprehensive, factual and well illustrated reference guides for what I have termed the weaver ant complex; a microcosm of predators, … Continue reading

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From bad to worse to “it could only happen to you”

I stared at the 6 pills in my palm. Blue, red, yellow, white and a couple that were the colour of… well, let’s just call it “beyond expiry”. I peered more closely at the cornucopia trying to decipher their pharmacology from … Continue reading

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Narrowing options

When I regained consciousness, I awoke to Sou leaning over me anxiously. He had a napkin out and was dabbing the sweat from my brow with such nervous attentiveness that you would have thought that my life depended on the … Continue reading

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Of Nightmares and Fever dreams

Green pit viper found at night in Veal Thom grasslands, Virachey national park, Cambodia. Copyright Paul Bertner 2013. I arrived into Banlung, jumping off point for Virachey national park around 2100 hrs after a bumpy and uncomfortable 13hr bus ride … Continue reading

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A leech by any other name

Day one on the mountain and I pray for rain. I wait, leave the tarp off my tent (a clear invitation to the elements and ill-fortune), a strategy which has never failed in the past to produce an abundance of … Continue reading

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“You’ve done a fantastic job with this baby, I’m so proud of you!” Barbara Bertner, Mother. “A reals good story” – Sir Francis Quincy Adams III, hot dog vendor “(You’re) a(n)…human being…doing…some real…good…in the world” – Margaret Atwood, author. Taken … Continue reading

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First introductions

There is really only one guesthouse in Kersik Tuo, the village at the foothills of Gunung Kerinci. Technically there are actually 3 or 4 but only one is recommended in Lonely planet guide and so naturally everyone winds up there. … Continue reading

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Nothing cures like a good pitcher

A few days have passed and the memories of the cold, wet, leech filled nights and the nightmares they engendered are becoming less vivid. A lovely short hike with mercifully cooperative weather to Danau Gunung Tujuh (7 mountains lake) has … Continue reading

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Some sort of beginning

Having somehow convinced the guesthouse owner in the dead of night to drive me in the driving rain up to the foot of the mountain, I soon found myself on the back of his motorbike, poncho flapping in the wind, … Continue reading

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