“You’ve done a fantastic job with this baby, I’m so proud of you!” Barbara Bertner, Mother.

“A reals good story” – Sir Francis Quincy Adams III, hot dog vendor

“(You’re) a(n)…human being…doing…some real…good…in the world” – Margaret Atwood, author. Taken from correspondence entitled “How did you get my email?”

“A real piece of…work!” – Jonathan daily, The Washington herald.

“… is one of the best writer/photographers around. I eagerly anticipate every new story…produces(sic)” – Marsel van Oosted, professional photographer.

“Paul is a … role model and I was only all too happy to have…dealt with him” – Alain Dechamps, Director of parks, Madagascar.


All comments are welcome. Nb. By posting you fully acknowledge that hurtful or vulgar comments may be amended, abridged or modified to conform to the family-oriented nature of this blog.

About pbertner

Studied cell biology and genetics at UBC in Canada with a focus in microbiology. However, have gravitated more recently towards ecology and biodiversity. Have traveled the rainforests of Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand with plans to visit many more.
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