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The forest for the trees, and the trees for the tractors

“Climate change, habitat loss, poaching these are the important issues, so why do you choose to focus on these small-scale ethical breaches and turn on fellow photographers? Cant’ you see the good they’re doing? Do you want to be responsible … Continue reading

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Protected: The Con- in Conservation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Once Upon an Odour

Once upon a time, the stink bug had no stink. It was simpler time, but the times were changing, and gradually they fell prey to the wolves of the rainforest; the owlflies, and wasps, spiders and centipedes. These bugs, they … Continue reading

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Le Petit Biologiste – Part I

Le Petit Biologiste The Little Biologist When I was six years old, I once saw a wonderful drawing in a book. It was book on the Amazon called “Lives lived”. It showed, amongst the rainforest leaves, sultry and green, an … Continue reading

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If it weren’t for the fact that these arachnids are utterly harmless and slightly more obscure than the mygalomorphs and scorpions, they would certainly occupy a distinguished position in the vanguard of nightmares’ creatures. However, to label them as a simple curiosity … Continue reading

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The Bolas spider

I am hoping to start a new monthly feature giving some background into my most interesting finds. So without further ado, here’s October’s instalment. Bolas spider During the day they are at rest and fairly unresponsive. Undoubtedly they possess an interesting physiognomy, … Continue reading

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Border skirmish

There was a moment’s hesitation whilst the border woman looked up from my forged vaccination card to size me up. “No…this doesn’t look right” she frowned, handing my certificate to another officer, who seconded her reservations. I had had to keep my … Continue reading

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