Guyana Directory

(Listed in Chronological order)

1) Exploring the Guyanan Amazon

2) 2 is company

3) Slow down mon…

4) Going gets tough

5) Up the creek without a paddle

6) When the Conquistadores came to South America, they called the Amazon a “Greenhell”, I’m beginning to see why

7) Up the Creek with a paddle

8) Snakes and ladders

9) The good, the bad and the narco-trafficking Sammy

10) Some serious God of the old testament shit going on here

11) To fly or not to fly, that isn’t the question one like to ask oneself

12) “I just want to go home”, he sobs

13) Out of the jungle and into the frying pan


15) Growing pains

16) One step forward, two steps back

17) Off road

18) Alone is all it’s cracked up to be…except when you forget your GPS and wind up several kilometers into the jungle lost

19) Iwokrama, the five star jungle

20) From night to day


22) Georgetown- The Venice of South America

23) A meeting of inequals

24) Pretenders

25) Presenting…

26) Enter the Kanuku mountains

27) Noah’s ark shipwrecked on the Kanuku mountains

28) Out of Eden

29) A return to Eden

30) My thousand dollar trashheap

31) Blocked from memory

32) The jaguar that almost was

33) Go home or go on?

34) Fate has other plans

35) Care to walk a mile in my ant filled shoes?

36) The Holy Grail

37)  “The Great Flood” or the day Noah drowned

38) Thall shalt not steal they neighbour’s potatoes

39) Kama Sutra position 111 involves 2 men, a giant backpack and a motorbike, give it a whirl, you’ll be sore for a week

40) 5 minutes

41) World’s unluckiest traveler (Guyanan travels in brief)

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