Madagascar directory


Snub nosed Chameleon (Calumma nasutum) from Ranomafana national park, Madagascar.

I throw myself off the steep embankment and clutch at the crumbling roots and plants. I turn off my flashlight. Pitch dark. My breathing comes in ragged gasps. And then voices. I cover my mouth to kill all sound. Flashlight beams scan the trail. “They’re walking slowly…too slowly!” cries the voice at the back of my head. I clench my teeth and brace my body but I feel my feet slipping on the wet clay. And then they stop, not 5 metres away. My eyes flicker upwards and I feel the searchlight slowly skinning the hide from my back. “It’s over…it’s all over”. The adventure starts HERE.


1. Madagascar

2. The eighth continent

3. Life is a little like an “AZER” keyboard… (ie. all fucked up)

4. Madagascar – Try a delicious taste of ‘Africa light’

5. Take me on another painful ride

6. Finally some critters

7. “Everyone loves lemurs”

8. The fever and the cure

9. Bike to the future

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